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Concession   2 Days

Popcorn machine $69.00

Popcorn machine tutorial video Popcorn machine tutorial video
Gold Medal Popcorn bags - 100 ct  No.3
100 Bags:     $2.95
Case/1000: $19.00
Gold Medal - Mega Pop Corn/Oil/Salt Kit with Coconut Oil for 6-oz. Kettle
6oz bag:   $1.50
Case/36: $28.08

Sno-Kone machine $69.00

Sno-Kone machine tutorial video Sno-Cone machine tutorial video
Gold Medal Sno-Kone Syrup - Various Flavors
25oz bottles: $2.99

Gold Medal Sno-Kone Syrup - Cherry & Blue Raspberry
Gallon: $9.50

Cones - 200 ct: $8.50

Cotton Candy machine $69.00

Cotton Candy machine tutorial video Cotton Candy machine tutorial video
Gold Medal Cotton Candy Floss Sugar - Various Flavors
50-75 servings: $6.90
Gold Medal Cotton Candy Floss cones
50 ct: $2.50

Hot dog rotisserie $69.00


Nacho warmer (for chips and cheese) $45.00


Slushy Frozen Drink machine, twin bowl - 1.5 gal each $95.00

Drink Mix* - 25 to 40  8-12 oz drinks
1/2 Gallon: $8.90

* We require that you use our mix or other slushy mix with correct sugar to water ratio. Our mix is specially formulated for our frozen drink machines.  Other mixes can contain too much water and not enough sugar which can cause the mix to form ice chunks.  Too much water can also cause a complete freeze up of the machine. When Adding alcohol to the drink machine, outside air temperature may impede the freezing process if the air temp is too warm. NEVER use machine in direct sunlight!

All charges are minimum rates and are
subject to change without notice.
Please call for weekly and monthly rates.
(507) 288-2741
Delivery is available in some areas for an additional charge.

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